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Game of financial operations
Accionista mains shareholder in Spanish
Board similar to Monopoly, but include option as Tax Heaven Bonds, Takeover Bid.

The game consists of two to four players and a referee Exchange. Each player has a card of one color and 28 bars of the same color of your tab. Players are placed in the outlet box and go out one by one. Every time you come to a square that represented an action and has no slug, such action the referee should make the Exchange compulsorily the Parquet and all players will bid for it, the more money that will stay with her . The more shares you have the same group may be charged when an opponent gets there.

In the game look not only the number of shares of the same group but it must also look at what makes the index Roulette, which will be on the game board represented by - x - y - z -.