Adventure Time: Adventures in the Land of Ooo

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Are you ready to live exciting adventures in the Land of Ooo? Do you want to be in Finn’s, Jake’s, or in any of their good friend’s skin? Do you want to discover the mysteries of this magical world? Then Adventures in the Land of Ooo is the game for you! Have fun with the characters and situations of the Adventure Times show in this fun, family board game. Explore dangerous dungeons to obtain the Crystal Eye, face powerful wizards, or have a great dance with Death until the Peppermint Butler arrives.

Play with the characters from the show, like Finn, Jake or Marceline, exploring around the game board. Collect cards and objects to overcome the challenges and enemies they will have to face along the way. Finally, achieve the objective of the mission before the rest of the players to win the game...
You will have a mathematical time!

The basic game set comes with two missions, inspired on episodes from the show: "The Dungeon" and "Wizard Battle", each with their own objectives and special rules.