Aloha Pioha

Titulo Juego: 
Duración en Minutos: 

In the sunny Lanikai Beach is Paula with her family. She's having a vacation there and she seems relaxed but...

Here comes the hawaiian louses! Four tribes are partying too in the head of Paula pulling their hairs like a tug of war game!

She wants to get rid of them but her mom's says: Don't scratch in public, it's a sign of bad behaviour! And Paula is holding it it till she can wait more! Go out louses!

In Paula's Kaulas you have a full tribe of louses for disputing the hairs of Paula. This is a game of bluffing, memory and area control in the head of a tiny person.

56 Tribe cards (14 for each player)
15 Hairs
15 Scratch events